Exploring a Career in Real Estate

HOW OFTEN have you thought about looking into real estate...but never got around to it?

I understand how you feel.  I did the same thing for many years.  Just never got around to checking it out or making a simple phone call to ask a few questions.  I was comfortable with what I was doing in my life and just didn't want to face the reality that I didn't really have all that much security for me and my family.

Then reality happened in a big way.  I got laid off from my career in education where I was a counselor and teacher in a local school system for 12 years.  It was a shock although it shouldn't have been.  I saw the handwriting on the wall but chose to ignore it.  I did not prepare myself for the inevitable and I found myself scrambling for a job and a sense of worth.

I managed to slowly, but eventually, get back on my feet by working in computer sales, consulting and instruction and also managing projects for the largest electronic data processing company in the world.  But that all came crashing down when I was laid off AGAIN. 

I decided that I was through working for someone else.  I declared my independence from others who would judge and control my work, security and general quality of life. 

I went into real estate and it completely and positively changed my life.  What a great feeling knowing that whatever goals I want to accomplish are up to me.  I am in control and I choose to succeed.

Do I regret not having made this decision to go into real estate 20 years ago?  No.  Because whatever skills and experiences I have learned, accomplished, or failed at have contributed to the success that I have now. 

When will you finally make that decision to check things out on your own and see if a real estate career makes sense for your future?

If you currently are a real estate agent with another company, ask yourself this:

 "If there is a better and more profitable way of doing business in real estate, don't you owe it to yourself and your family to at least find out about it?" 

I would love to share any ideas you may have about real estate and especially the extraordinary opportunities that are offered at Keller Williams Realty.

Click on "The Keller Williams Career Opportunity" ===> www.kw.com/kw/recruiting/recruiting.jsp to find out how and why Keller Williams is the most dynamic and fastest growing real estate company in the world.

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Thank you for your time and much success to your future...John

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